Half of earth at the bottom, three satellites are above the earth, one in the middle, 2 to the sides. A smaller circle, the , is at the top A rocket against a dark background blasting off, creates a bright white-ish yellow flames at the bottom  at the middle with orbits around it. Earth is shown as the third orbit with two smaller objects around earth.

Welcome to a public education website for some of the NASA instruments studying solar wind (stream of particles coming from the Sun).

Latest News:

April 09, 2012 Scientist observes a pattern of cells with bright centers and dark boundaries occurring in the sun's atmosphere, the corona. These cells looked somewhat like a cell pattern that occurs on the sun's surface -- similar to the bubbles that rise to the top of boiling water -- but it was a surprise to find this pattern higher up in the corona, which is normally dominated by bright loops and dark coronal holes.


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