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Jim Lehman


  • I was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia in 1956. I spent my early years shuttling between Harrisonburg and State College, Pennsylvania where my father was in graduate school.
  • I attended Eastern Mennonite High School, graduating in 1974
  • After high school, I began working at Bonanza Steakhouse, where I became the head cook.
  • While working at Bonanza, I enrolled at Eastern Mennonite College for my freshman year.
  • After my freshman year, I left school and became a manager with Bonanza
  • In January 1979, I moved to Richmond VA to become the manager of a new Bonanza. I worked as manager until 1984, when I quit in order to return to college.
  • While at Bonanza, I met Julie Piper, whom I married in 1982. We have two children, Allison (b 1989) and Eric (b. 1993).
  • My hobbies include being with my family, bicycling, astronomy, computers, winter sports, and reading.


I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1987 with a degree in Science Education, with specialties in Physical and Earth Sciences. Upon graduation, I began a teaching position with Hanover County Public Schools. I taught Earth Science and Physical Science at Liberty Middle School until 1994.

In 1994, I accepted a two-year sabbatical position at the Mathematics and Science Center in Richmond, where I developed lessons in environmental science, image processing, and physics. I returned to a regular teaching position in 1996, this time with Henrico County.

I teach now at Mills E. Godwin High School, in the Specialty Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology.

My teaching assignments are:

  1. AP Physics
  2. Physics with Astronomy
  3. Earth Science with Environmental Science Focus
  4. Science Research
  5. Digital Image Processing

One of my main areas of interest in in the use of technology in education. I received training from the Image Processing for Teaching Program, offered through the Center for Image Processing in Education, and am a certified instructor. In the past two years I have presented numerous workshops and demonstrations on the use of image processing as a teaching tool. In January 1997, my work was the subject of articles which appeared in Teacher magazine and Education Week. I also wrote an article for Think Magazine, which appeared in the May issue.

I have been involved with the Science Education Gateway (formerly SII) program since 1996, and collaborated with Jim Meunier on two lessons, How Hot Is That Star?, and Craters (not yet online).


Jim Lehman
Mills Godwin High School
Specialty Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology
(804) 750-2600
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