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International Heliophysical Year 2007


Exploring Magnetism Lesson Series
Classroom lesson guides designed to develop students' background understanding of solar flares, solar winds, magnetism and space weather.
Sonification for Beginners
Create your own music from spectrogram data. This beginning software program allows users to type in data, to visualize it on a bar graph, and to listen to it using sounds.
Download Application (zip file):
Windows (2.52MB) | Macintosh (1.68KB)

Space Weather Center
Instructional lessons as well as games and activities all about the Sun, the Earth and space weather.


The Sun-Earth Connection
Presented by Dr. Bryan Mendez and Dr. Laura Peticolas
Powerpoint (7.2MB) | PDF (60MB)


SWEETS screenshot

Space Weather and Europe - an Educational Tool with the Sun (SWEETS)
Space weather day is an EU project developed in conjunction with the International Heliophysical Year.

 Live Data

Nation-Wide GEONS Real-Time Data
Live data available from the GEON schools.
Click to view :
24-Hour and 30-Minute Spectrographs

World Space Week Logo

World Space Week 2007
Learn about our Sun and celebrate World Space Week October 4th-10th.

Click here to go to:
UC Berkeley & Stanford's World Space Week Site

Multimedia - Audio/Video

THEMIS Liftoff Video
Watch the THEMIS launch video!
Video format:
mp4 (5.3MB)

Radio Interview
Petersburg High School teacher, Victor Trautman, discusses his school's involvement with THEMIS.
Audio format:
mp3 (4.2MB)

Predicting Auroras
Created by Laura McKay, a student in Victor Trautman's class at Petersburg High School in Petersburg, AK.
Video/Audio formats:
m4a (3.4MB) | mp3 (8.3MB)

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