5.4 Identify star types and write your report

Star Type Spectra

You look like you're ready to get to work. Click on "Star Type Spectra"  to bring up a window with the four examples.  Then click on any green triangle on the interactive sky map to see a star's spectrum. Compare this spectrum to the spectra of the four types of stars. Does this spectrum look like any of the spectra produced by the four types of stars? At the bottom of each star's spectrum is a space where you can make your report for me. In the box provided, write in the type of star that you think this star is. I'll need to know how you came to this decision, so please write down the observations that helped you make your decision in the box provided. Then use the "back" button on your browser to return to the sky map and select another green-triangle star.

You can  click on the "view report" button at any time to edit and view your report, but it will not be saved between sessions.

Thank you for your help; your work is of great service to me. We still have one more project for you. Have you ever wondered what stars are made of? The next activity will help you find the answer to this question. When you are ready to move on, go to the Next page to meet Dr. Saha, your next guide.

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