"The Robot in the Garden" by Ken Goldberg (Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press, 2000.)

 A book that will make interesting background reading for the work of
 the NVO Arts focus interest group is "The Robot in the Garden" by Ken
 Goldberg ( Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press, 2000). Goldberg is a member
 of the focus group and can tell you more; This book addresses a range
 of issues and critical theory on the nature of knowledge acquired at a
 distance ( telescopes, telephones, but also telerobots such as
 astronomical satellites and probes). Authors include philosopher
 Dreyfus, but also artists from our community and scientists.

 "Information Arts " by Steve Wilson (Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press, 2001)
 A second book that is useful back ground material is Steve Wilson's
 book " Information Arts " ( Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press, 2001).
 Steve is also a member of the FIG and can tell you more, but Steve
 explores the way that artists can serve as researchers into the nature
 new technologies and contribute to the evolution of those very
 technologies= in a way that we hope that NVO-ARTS FIG can affect the
 way that the NVO is designed and built. His book also documents a
 number of artworks involving extensive use of scientific data.