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Objective: Find Names of Light Types Hidden in Puzzle

Our knowledge about distant stars, planets, solar systems, and galaxies comes from studying the light they emit. When astronomers speak of "light" from stars and galaxies, they include more than just the type of light you see with your eyes. For scientific purposes, different types of light are given different names, which are hidden in the puzzle on this page.

See if you can find some of the eight different types of light as you travel through the Light Tour. To start you off, there are the names of seven types of light hidden in the puzzle. You can start by finding the light type that corresponds to your angstrom entry from the left frame of this page. One area of the spectrum that scientists have learned a lot from is missing from this puzzle. See if you can figure out which light is missing.

For more help, try . which will open up a second WWW browser window for you. To keep track, look for the words

Don't close it, because you'll be using the second WWW browser more as you go through this light tour!

Puzzle image map created by 12th grade student Lauren Osofsky. 
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