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Timothy Keys

I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Education in the area of "Culture and Values," and my thesis project is just about to go into the research phase. I'm going to be doing an initial study of children's ethical responses to international folktales. In the Fall 1996 I hope to be field testing my thematic unit. Although most of my training has been in the Language Arts I have spent a lot of time integrating language arts into math and science. Until the Spring 1995, I taught for five years in the sixth grade, my last school being the Horace Mann Elementary in the Oakland Unified School District.

My favorite hobby is Ski Mountaineering. This is a sport where one climbs to the top of a peak in the wintertime, straps on a pair of skis, points the skis downhill and tries to get to the bottom without falling. It is a great sport for skiers who are tired of skiing on already-tracked slopes.

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