The Guest Investigator Puzzle

GI Handout

The Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics (CEA for short), like many research centers, will make their facilities available to scientists around the world, through a Guest Investigator (or GI - pronounced gee-oh) program. To do this the astronomer has to submit a proposal to the CEA. A proposal usually includes some background information on the astronomer such as one's education and the type of equipment one has experience using. The astronomer then has to figure out when his/her source will be visible and where it is located in the sky so the telescope can track that particular source and record data from it. Astronomers will often include a brief outline of what they intend to do with the data once they are received. The proposal can be sent by computer to the CEA which then posts a listing of accepted proposals on the World Wide Web.


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