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As a fourth grade teacher at Fruitvale School in Oakland, California, I have been delighted to be part of NASA's and the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics' (CEA's) Space Astrophysics and Satellite Missions Operations program, learning how to impart the joys of astrophysics (and science in general) to our school population. I've learned a great deal about using the Internet, too, particularly in designing web pages for education.

Check out this link to my EUVE Satellite Dataflow Lesson Plan, a great demonstration to do with students (or anyone who wants to have some fun with science!). They (and you) will get a good feel for the mechanics of a signal (light) bouncing from star to a satellite to a scientist on earth and back. (Haven`t you ever wondered just how that TV or radio or telephone signal sent via satellite really gets back to you? This will show you!)

Our school district's homepage, OUSD, not only links many of our schools where you can see what amazing things schoolchildren are doing now, but also has excellent links for curriculum resources.

Like everyone else, I cannot resist having a list (I'll keep it short) of great places to go that reflect some of my many interests. There are also a few pages of people who already have great lists. I encourage you to surf off their waves to your heart's content. Why reinvent the wheel? (Any New Yorker readers remember "Block that metaphor"? I sure miss those little features at the end of the columns. Anybody else?)

Astronomy, Science and Math

Other interests

Pages with more wonderful resources

And just like everyone else, I can't resist having a picture of my beautiful children, in front of the roots of a fallen Sequoiadendron gigantea , a giant sequoia, in the Tuolomne Grove of Yosemite National Park.

Up for more pictures? Presenting: the Satellite dataflow authors, on the Berkeley campus.

For more information, email your comments to mwilson@ousd.k12.ca.us

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