The Position of the EUVE Satellite Above the Earth and in the Sky

1995 The Regents of the University of California
The program that makes these calculations was written by CEA Astronomer Dr. Patrick Jelinsky If you have specific questions, you can contact him at:
( )

This program will give you the longitude and the latitude of the points on Earth where, at a certain times, the EUVE Satellite flies overhead.

Please enter the Starting Date here: You must do this pretty carefully. It may seem difficult at first, but give it a try! The exact format is: mm/dd/yy:hr:min:sec For example, if you were born in January on the 5th in 1995 you would enter 01/05/95:00:00:00

Please enter a time interval between the points we are measuring. You have a choice of minutes, hours or days. Use an integer number, for instance, 5 or 24 but not 1.5 Then, make your choice whether you want Minutes or Hours or Days from the box in the right hand side.

Please enter the number of points you want. Again, use integer numbers like 10.

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