1995 The Regents of the University of California

by Beth Napier

What Preparation is Involved?

List of Materials:

  1. Drawings (8.5" x 11") of the some of the zodiacal constellations: "Aries," "Taurus," "Gemini," "Cancer," "Leo," "Virgo," "Libra," or "Scorpio." These drawings can be glued to cardboard to help preserve them while they are in your students' hands.
  2. Traditional dates (given by astrologers) of the Sun's "entrance" into the signs of the Zodiac and a list of the dates of the Sun's actual "entrance" into the signs of the Zodiac (as given by astronomers). "Figure A," "Figure B," and "Figure C."
  3. Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, 12 per group; easieast when provided by the students.
  4. Enough construction paper (black, dark blue, brown, dark green, etc.) to cover one end of each paper roll.
  5. Scotch tape to attach the construction paper to the rolls.
  6. Pins to poke holes in the construction paper.
  7. Aluminum pie pan or other flat, round container with a rim
  8. Clay or play dough
  9. Marbles
  10. Horoscope predictions from the newspaper
  11. Toy top or other spinner
  12. Constellation-finder or star map
  13. Small rectangle of new aluminum foil for each student (Optional)
  14. 3" x 5" card for each student (Optional)


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Estimated Class Time:

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