Venus Transit 6-8-04
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Here is a gallery of Solar images taken by me during June 8, 2004 Venus Transit from location near Athens, Greece.
I'll be adding pictures to this page as I process them.  It'll take me some time to do this as I've shot several hundred frames.

Mount: Losmandy GM-8 Gemini
    H-Alpha: Coronado Nearstar 70mm double stacked with SolarMax 60 (<0.5 bandwidth), Coronado Cemax 2x barlow
    White Light: Vixen ED102SS with Baader filter
Cameras: SBIG ST-10XE
Image Acquisition Software: CCDSoft
Image Reduction: CCDSoft, Sigma Clip Pre-Beta 11, and Photoshop
Image Processing: CCDSoft and Photoshop

5:33:21 UTC 
7:29:54 UTC   
11:11:17 UTC