So Many Solar Missions!   Activity Worksheet                     Name:________________


1.  What does the acronym of the mission stand for (if there is one), or what is the meaning of the mission name?


2.  Make a drawing of the mission patch (traditionally, every space mission has an artistically designed patch, like the RHESSI patch design).


3.  Make two sketches of the spacecraft for the mission (make each sketch on a separate square 3"x3"  "post-it" note--it is important to use small pieces of paper because many must fit on the final display later).  Include the name of the mission on the post-it.


4.  What the is the mission is supposed to do or accomplish? (What science questions are supposed to be answered?)


5.  What wavelengths of electromagnetic energy from the sun are being studied?


6.  When was the mission launched or when will it be launched?


7.  Where in space is the mission located (What type of orbit?)