Solar News Highlights from 2006

11/2/06 First Light for Hinode - A new space telescope onboard Japan's Hinode spacecraft is beaming back some fantastic images of the sun. To read the full press release article, please visit the NASA press release webpage.
3/10/06 Solar Cycle Mystery News -

NASA aids in resolving long standing solar cycle mystery - The Sun's 11 year sunspot cycle is a cycle that varies from a dynamic and active Sun, throwing off large quantities of mass and x-rays as solar storms, to a quiet Sun with very few solar storms. The storms can disrupt satellite orbits and electronics; interfere with radio communication; damage power systems; and can be hazardous to unprotected astronauts. It is important to be able to predict what the next solar cycle will bring. Only now a promising technique for such predictions has been developed by "solar climate" forecaster, Mausumi Dikpati, and colleagues at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. This next solar cycle is predicted to start late (2007-2008) but to produce many more solar storms.

To read the full press release article, please visit the NASA press release webpage

3/8/06 Take a survey about SEGway’s Exploring Magnetism lesson guides - Supplies are running low on SEGway’s printed booklets of the Exploring Magnetism educator guide, plus we have just completed a new guide in the series: Exploring Magnetism in Solar Flares.

To help us decide whether or not to print more copies of these guides or to produce CD-ROMs containing all the Exploring Magnetism guides please take our survey at


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