Solar News Highlights from 2004

12/17/04 A Flare Up In Solar Physics - Read this article from UC Berkeley about the RHESSI mission and its progress:

9/21/04 Interview with Dr. Robert P. Lin - Read the interview here (PDF format, 1.43MB, originally published in Berkeley Science).
8/6/04 Fixing What's Broken - The article highlighted here describes the plagues and curses that afflicted the HESSI (before it was renamed RHESSI) mission pre-launch. Frank Snow, a member of the NASA Explorer Program at Goddard Space Flight Center, talks about persistence as the defining characteristic between succeeding and failing on a project. Click here to read more:

5/13/04 RHESSI Scientists Win Prestigious Prizes - RHESSI Principle Investigator, Dr. Robert Lin, has been award the George Ellery Hale prize by the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomcal Society for outstanding contributions over an extended period of time to the field of solar astronomy. RHESSI Mission Scientist, Dr. Brian Dennis, has also been awarded the John C. Lindsay Memorial Award by the Goddard Space Flight Center for broad accomplishments in the area of Space Science. Congratulations to them both!
3/29/04 New RHESSI Lithograph - A new RHESSI lithograph has been created. This one, titled Serendipity: RHESSI Spies a Gamma-Ray Burst, discusses the fortuitous observation of a Gamma-Ray Burst by RHESSI and the new clues into what causes these magnificent explosions. A low resolution PDF of the lithograph can be found here.
3/5/04 Student Observation Network - NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum has created a new program allowing students to learn about the Sun and its affects on Earth using real NASA data to monitor the Sun and Earth's space weather. RHESSI data can be used as part of the Student Observation Network (S.O.N.). Check out S.O.N. at


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