Adapting "The Sun - A Pictorial Introduction" to middle and high school classes

This is a cooperative group lesson that is appropriate for grades 8-12

This lesson assumes you have the use of a computer lab, and also a suitable method of projecting the slides for viewing by an entire class (a large TV connected to a computer, or computer projection system will work).  This may be done with a direct Internet connection, or, if more convenient, by downloading each image ahead of time and saving them on a hard drive.  It's also very helpful to bookmark the URL (WWW address) for this site on each student computer before starting the lesson.

  1. Divide the class into groups of 2-4 students.
  2. Assign one picture from the slide show to each group (groups who finish early can be given any extra, unclaimed slides).
  3. Each group is  to "translate" the text for their slide into language that their peers will understand. Have dictionaries available for the students to look up difficult words, and if any teachers or teacher's aides are available, they should assist groups with this task.
  4. Once students have their text written, then the groups should prepare themselves to present to the class, making sure that the presenters understand the meaning and significance of the slide they are presenting.
  5. On a subsequent day, show the slide show to the entire class, with each group presenting their portion and answering peer questions.