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(From 2002 to 2005)



Two magnetism teacher's guides, "Exploring Magnetism" and "Exploring Magnetism in the Solar Wind" were developed by the Education and Public Outreach program of the STEREO-IMPACT NASA funded Mission. FAST helped to print these guides that were reviewed as excellent by a NASA panel consisting of teachers and scientists. The activities and worksheets in these guides are ready for teachers to use in their classrooms! See our Magnetism website or Acrobat pdf files or mail us at and request the printed guides to be sent to you.





FAST Education and Public Outreach buys about 75 Northern Lights Planetarium Show Kits and provides them free to Planetariums around the country through Learning Technologies, Inc (LTI). If you run a planetarium and are interested contact LTI at 1-800-537-8703 or e-mail:

10/01/03   FAST Education and Public Outreach obtains funding for some new programs.  Come back soon to find out what FAST has to offer you!
08/07/03   FAST gets a new life with additional funding to stay in orbit with instruments taking data for three more years.

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