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  • Educational Lessons  Below are listed some lessons, activities, and information that will help teachers and students understand the aurora,  the sounding rockets,  and satellites that study them.



Grade Level

NASA's Space Math Page

This web page contains problem sets for the Weekly Space Science Problem program. The goal of these problems is to teach students about space weather by using mathematics.

Varies from 5-11
Exploring Magnetism Lesson Series

This teacher's guide for grades 6-9 contains engaging hands-on activities that teach fundamental concepts of magnetism and electromagnetism. This guide has been selected as an exemplary material by a NASA panel review and serves as the basis for a series of guides about magnetism in space science.

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PDF Files

Dawn of the North:  A Tutorial on the Aurora This auroral tutorial provides a basic explanation of how the aurora or northern lights are made. 10-12
Television in the Sky:  An Aurora and Cathode Ray Tube Analogy This web-based lesson compares how auroral light produced on the Earth's atmospheric screen is similar to the images produced on the screen of a television or computer monitor's Cathode Ray Tube. 10-12
Solar Wind and Magnetosphere Interaction Lab: A Cereal Analogy*

*contains downloadable pdf files

This open-ended laboratory activity is useful in demonstrating how solar wind particles are deflected by the Earth's magnetosphere and how charged particles are aligned within it.  It is recommended that the activity be followed up with student presentations and a lab report. 5-8,



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