Mike Wang
Mike Wang
"You Lose"

During Summer 1996:

University: Caltech
Major(s): Physics
Year: Senior
Birthday: February 11, 1975

STScI Advisor: Anuradha Koratkar
My work this summer:
I deconvolved HST FOS spectra of Seyfert 1 galaxies using gaussian curve-fitting to extract broad-line emission fluxes. I also constructed a mean ionizing continuum for the Seyferts using published SED's. The continuum and the broad-line fluxes were then used as input to the CLOUDY photoionization simulation to simulate conditions in the broad line region of active galactic nuclei.

(and if you understood that... let me know what it means)

Current Status:

As of Fall 1998:
Grad Student in astrophysics at University of California, San Diego

email: mikewang@cassir.ucsd.edu