Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham
"I could probably kick some ass"

During Summer 1996:

University: Wittenberg University
Major: Physics
Minor: Theatre
Year: Senior
More: I don't have my own web page, BUT you can see a picture of me as Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" on the Theatre department of Wittenberg's web page. The picture itself is kind of dark, but it REALLY IS me! I played a 16th Century nun. It was fun, but acting pays less than astronomy does, so really it's just a hobby! The address is --

STScI Advisor: Kailash Sahu
My work this summer:
Well, I walked back and forth between the library and the Icarus room a lot, made many trips to the Rotunda (via the 12:30pm Shuttle) and participated in coffee breaks daily. Oh, I also worked on a project that predicted microlensing events of nearby stars with high proper-motions, but that was only during my down time!

Current Status:


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