3D Solar System

Worth 10 points -- Due Monday, June 17th -- May not be repeated

Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to attend "star parties" on the roof of Campbell Hall. All of these "star parties" are optional. However, you can get some lab points as a consequence of attending, if you wish.

One of the observations we'll make at the "star parties" is the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in the sky. With these observations I will ask you to draw what the solar system looks like in 3D at that very moment. Before you leave the star party, be sure to have me initial your drawing.

In your write up, discuss what observations were made: Location of observation, date and time, and the relative postions of all the objects observed with the naked eye (Sun, Moon, and planets). Use the CD-ROM program that comes with your text book to verify that your 3D drawing of the solar system is accurate. If you can make a print out from this then do so and turn it in with your original drawing (initialed by me) and your discussion of how you figured out the 3D postions based on your observations.

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