This is your chance to give me continuous feedback on the class throughout the session. If you have complaints about the class or my teaching this is the forum to make them known. If you have praise to heap upon me this is also the place to do so. This is completely anonymous, there are no cookie programs recording your IP address or any such nonsense. However, since this is the World Wide Web I have to know that the comments I receive are actually from students in the class. That is why you are given a student code (drawn from a box in class) to enter at the top of this form. Please use that code whenever you submit feedback via this form. Please be honest and constructive in your comments as I take this very seriously and want to know how I can improve as a teacher.

Enter Code Given in Class:

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate me as an instructor?

When are you engaged in class? Please be as specific as you can about what it is that draws your attention.

What activities in class do you feel you learn from the most?

When are you not engaged in class? Please explain what specifically causes you to lose interest.

What would you like see done differently in class?

Do you feel that the homeworks help your understanding of the course material? In your opinion, how could they be better?

Do you enjoy the class projects? Do you feel that you are learning something from them?

Do you attend my office hours? Do you find them helpful?

Do I make myself available enough outside of class to help you?

What are my strengths as an instructor? What things do I do that you wish every instructor would do?

What are my weaknesses as an instructor? What suggestions can you offer me for improvement?

Do you feel that the grading of assignments and exams is fair? Do you find the comments made helpful?

How do you feel the parts of the course are fitting together?

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate this course?


Bryan J. Mendez
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