Classifying Galaxies

Instructions for Classif

rotating spiral galaxy animation by Josh Kennedy     Tuning fork illustration with examples of galaxy shapes.

Rotating Spiral Galaxy animation by Josh Kennedy

Look at the rotating galaxy and then at the Hubble Tuning Fork Diagram next to it. Edwin Hubble would have classified this galaxy as type Sa. Notice its well defined center and spiral arms.

On the next page, you will have a chance to classify some unidentified galaxies, and use your mouse to place the galaxy images on the Hubble Tuning Fork Diagram. To move the galaxy pictures onto the Hubble Tuning Fork Diagram you will:

  • put your mouse pointer on a galaxy image
  • hold down the mouse button
  • while holding down the button, move your pointer to a spot on the diagram
  • release the mouse button

When you release the mouse button, the galaxy image will move to the spot you have selected. If you wish to move it again, you can follow the same directions. When you have finished placing all the galaxy images on the diagram, check your work by clicking on the the Galaxy Guy.

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