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    Spectra From Space


     1. Why do we need to launch telescopes on satellites above the Earth's atmosphere?
    a. It is less expensive than building telescopes on the ground.
    b. We are running out of places to build telescopes.
    c. The Moon is so bright that we cannot see faint stars from the ground.
    d. The atmosphere blocks some wavelengths of radiation astronomers want to observe.

    2. The earth's atmosphere allows what wavelengths to pass through?

    a. Infrared and gamma ray
    b. Visible and radio
    c. X ray and visible
    d. Ultraviolet and infrared

    3. A good infrared radiator is:

    a. a comet
    b. your skin
    c. Jupiter
    d. all of the above

    4. Infrared radiation is produced by:

    a. Objects that are far away
    b  Objects that are nearby
    c. Relatively cool objects
    d. Relatively hot object

    5. The human eye is sensitive to:

    a. visible light
    b. visible and radio wavelengths
    c. radio wavelengths
    d. infrared wavelengths

    6. Describe briefly what a spectroscope does:

    7. What can scientists learn by using a spectroscope to look at light from a star?


    The Subject:

    1. Would you like to learn more about spectra and satellites?

    2. What was one thing you learned that you didn't know before?

    3. Would you like to learn more about Earth and Space Science?

    4. Did you tell anyone outside the class about the internet lesson?     Who?  What did you say?

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