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Third From the Sun
Detailed Learning Objectives

Objectives relate to National Science Education Standards, and can be used as a tool for student assessment.

Learning goals of lesson segments


    students should be able to

  • list ways people have viewed the Earth at different times in history.
  • describe how the Earth appeared to astronauts in space and on the moon.
  • describe what they might use to look at the Earth today.

Landsat Information

    students should be able to

  • explain how Landsat travels around the Earth
  • explain why this type of path is more useful than others
  • describe (approximately) the largest and smallest areas that Landsat can image.

Geographical Features

    students should be able to

  • use several skills and facts about Landsat to make inferences about Landsat images. These might include, but are not limited to:
    • determining distance scales using the image size and size of the area depicted
    • using distance scales to determine types of features from the imaged size; is it a mountain or a molehill?
    • distinguishing natural features from man made ones
    • distinguishing topographic features from surface variations; is it a valley or a shadow?
    • interpreting the significance of color; are the colors literal, as in a photograph, or do them have other meanings?

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