What is The Light Tour?

The CSE Light Tour will let you discover important information about light and how astronomers use light at different wavelengths from all over the universe. There are four areas in the Light Tour. There are links within the Tour pages that will take you through each area page by page, starting with the basic model scientists use for describing light. You can also jump to any area you like from nearly any page. Here is a guide to the four areas:

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  • What is light?
  • What is a wave?
  • How do you measure it?
  • What do we mean by "types" of light?
  • What kinds of things emit different types of light?
  • What do astronomers see at different light wavelengths?
  • How are different types of light produced?
  • How does the whole electromagnetic spectrum fit together?
  • How do astronomers collect and detect different types of light?



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