Solar Flares Cornell Notes

Directions: As you read the essay on Solar Flares, find answers to the questions on the left hand column. Write your answers to these questions on the right hand column. When you are finished, write a five sentence summary about the main ideas you learned in your reading.





  Solar Flares
What is a solar flare?  
When do solar flares occur?  
What are coronal mass ejections?  
How do sunspots give scientists clues about the Sun's magnetic field and the cause of solar flares?  
What causes the sunspots to drift on the surface of the Sun?  
  Follow the Energy
Define energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy.  
List the basic forms of energy.  
What units of measurement are used to represent energy?  
What type of energy is being represented on food labels?  
What does your body do with the potential energy?  
  Tracing the Energy of a Solar Flare
What form of energy is released from solar flares?  
Describe how thermal energy is produced in solar flares.  
How large are the electrical currents created in the convection zone of the Sun?  
Describe nuclear fusion.  
Why is the core of the Sun so dense and hot?  

Summary, Reflection, Analysis


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