Additive Assessment Rubric: Session 4, Activity 1

With an additive rubric, students have to learn more content in greater depth to achieve higher levels. Teachers should introduce the rubric before the activities begin and encourage students to achieve to their highest potential.

  1 2 3 (Level 2+) 4 (Level 3+) 5 (Level 4+)
Science Content:
Activity 1
Magnetic Fields on the Surface of the Sun
*Level 2 tasks attempted but not completed or mastered.

*Students are able to set up the magnets on a piece of paper and map the magnetic field lines around either end of the pair of magnets.

*Students, through successful completion of this activity, demonstrate their understanding of magnetic field lines around a pair of magnets.

*Using what they know about magnetic field lines from magnets, students are able to predict the magnetic field lines around two Sunspots on Worksheet 4.1.

*Students, through the successful completion of Worksheet 4.1, are able to make the connection between magnetic field lines around magnets and those around two Sunspots on the Sun.

*Students take notes on the Sunspots lecture.

*Students are able to answer 100% of the questions presented on the graphic organizer for the Sunspots lecture.

*Students are able to answer the questions on Worksheet 4.2 with 80-94% accuracy.

*Students, through successful completion of Worksheet 4.2, are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the basics of the Sun, solar flares, Sunspots, and magnetism of the Sun.

*Students are able to answer the questions on the Worksheet 4.2 with 95% accuracy and above.

*Student fully demonstrates comprehension of the magnetic fields on the surface of the Sun and the cause for magnetism on the Sun.

Collaborative Worker Participates but does not successfully complete one or more requirements of Level 2. Arrives on time with
materials. Shows respect for others; cares for equipment and resources.
Stays focused on assigned
task and helps others do the same. Shares work equally.
Facilitates the participation of all in group. Tutors and/or supports other students. Takes all group roles with equal skill. Assists others as they learn to do the same.

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