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The Comet's Tale -- Common Vocabulary List


accumulate Make a Comet
annually Their Place in Space
approach History, Characteristics, glossary entries
atmosphere History, Make a Comet, Characteristics, Their Place in Space
binoculars History
C.E. (Common Era) History 
carbon Play the Game, Make a Comet
characteristic Make a Comet, Characteristics, Orbits
collapse Origins
collide Origins, Killer Comets, glossary entries
condense Origins, Make a Comet
crater Origins, Killer Comets
debris Their Place in Space
diameter Characteristics, Killer Comets
Dutch Origins,
eject Origins, Killer Comets
element glossary entries
estimate Origins,
evolve Origins, Orbits
exploration History,
fragment Gallery, Origins
Holland History,
hydrogen Make a Comet, glossary entries
interplanetary Make a Comet
interstellar glossary entries
launch Origins, Characteristics,
luminous glossary entries
molecule Make a Comet, Flash cards
nitrogen Make a Comet, glossary entries, Flash cards
observe, observation History, Origins, Characteristics, Their Place in Space
oval Origins,
oxygen Make a Comet, glossary entries
Paris History,
plane History, Origins, Characteristics, Their Place in Space, Killer Comets
predict History,
relative Killer Comets, Flash cards
satellite History, Characteristics,
supernatural History,
theory Orbits

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