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URL's to sites about comets and the Solar System, past, present and future!

Near Earth Objects Program

NASA JPL, Pasadena
Asteroids,  comets and meteors, news, potential hazards, and interactive  orbit diagrams.
The Discovery of the Perseid Meteors

Mark LIttmann, and Sky & Telescope
Some history of the familiar meteor showers we see each August when Earth passes through the orbit of Comet Swift-Tuttle.
Kuiper Belt Home Page

University of Hawaii
A guide to the inner cloud of cometary objects, just beyond the orbit of Neptune. Thought to be the source of short period comets
The Chiron Perihelion Campaign

University of Maryland
Read the article from Sky and Telescope about why Pluto's moon Chiron is more than a big asteroid
The NEO Pages

The Planetary Society
Up to date, and geared for the public, with lots more information and links.  A good site for more research on minor bodies.
Comet Phaeton's Ride

Bob Kobres
Killer comets? This person has built a Web site around  the effect of supposed impact events throughout (human) history. Take a look and see what YOU think.
Solar System Live

John Walker at Fourmilab, CH
An interactive orrery. See the actual positions of the planets now, or set it to show objects at a particular date and time.
History of Astronomy

University of Bonn, Germany
Explore discoveries, myths, and the history of astronomical research. Links to hypertext periodicals and organizations.
The Astrolabe

James E. Morrison

How did early astronomers locate objects in the sky ? A fascinating historical study of an ancient star-finding device. Electronic astrolabe program to download.

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