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science education standards

Ice On Venus??
education standards

NSES Content Standards grades 9-12

A. Science as Inquiry
    abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    understandings about scientific inquiry
B. Physical Science
    structure of atoms
    structure and properties of matter
    chemical reactions
    motions and forces
    conservation of energy and increase in disorder
    interactions of energy and matter
C. Life Science
    the cell
    molecular basis of heredity
    biological evolution
    interdependence of organisms
    matter, energy, and organization of living systems
    behavior of organisms
D. Earth and Space Science
    energy in the earth system
    geochemical cycles
    origin and evolution of the earth system
    origin and evolution of the universe
E. Science and Technology
    abilities of technological design
    understanding about science and technology
F. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
    personal and community health
    population growth
    natural resources
    environmental quality
    natural and human-induced hazards
    science and technology in local, natural, and global
G. History and Nature of Science
    science as a human endeavor
    nature of science
    history of science

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