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Solar Scientist: ______________________________________

Date: ________________

Researcher Qualifications

  1. Why are sunspots cooler than the surrounding solar surface areas?

  2. Describe the umbra and penumbra of a sunspot and tell what makes each part a different color.

  3. How long does it take a photon to migrate from the Sunís core to its surface, and why?

  4. Where is 99.8% of the solar systemís mass, and what two elements is it made of (mostly)?

  5. Draw a diagram of the Sunís interior, labeling five major zones. What is happening in each?

  6. What happens in the convection zone and why?

  7. What is the sunspot cycle?  How long is it? What happens?

  8. What role do sunspots play in solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME's)?

  9. How can  geomagnetic storms affect satellites and communications on Earth?

  10. Might sunspot activity affect the earthís climate?  What are your reasons for the answer you gave? 

Student Worksheet

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