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The Order of the Planets

About this Activity
Using the "clue cards" and printouts of the planets provided, you'll learn about the order of planets in our solar system.

Jupiter photo
This NASA image shows a close up of Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system.

 What You'll Need

1 - set of clue cards
clue cards icon

1 - set of planet image cards
planet images icon
1 - glue stick

1 - pair scissors

1 - piece of construction paper


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What to Do
1 Cut out the planet images. You'll use them as a visual aid to figure out the order of the planets.
2 Cut out and distribute one clue card to each family member or participant. Give two to some if there are more cards than family members. Inform each person that he/she is not allowed to show the clue cards to anyone else, but is allowed to read them aloud to the group as many times as necessary.
3 Using the clues, see if your family can figure out the order of the planets.
4 Check your answer with the Planet Order List Chart. If your order is different, try to see where you might have gone wrong.
5 Construct the order of the planets using construction paper and the planet images.

What's Going On
It's recommended that you follow this activity by exploring the next activity The Size and Distance of the Planets.

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